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To  our customers,

    One of the most asked questions is "How safe is our gas system?" Safety is always our number one concern... safety of people first, and property second. The main reasons for the safety of our system are maintenance and checks and balances we have to ensure your safety. 

    Walton's gas system was built in 1969-70. It was built with coated steel pipe that has been cathodically protected from the day it was built. Cathodic protection means that anodes are attached to the gas piping which put a small electric charge, like a battery, on the gas piping. Our gas line looks as good today as the day it was installed.

    Checks and balances are in place. We use an unbiased, third party contractor to perform many of the saefty sensitive dutiies of the gas system. The odorant is checked monthly to be sure the concentration is safe and correct. an annual leak survey is performed on 100% of our system. 

‚Äč    That being said, I don't mean that we don't have to be very careful with natural gas. It is a safe and effiecient heating source, but must be treated with respect. if at any time, day or night, you think you might have a gas leak, call the city office: (620)837-3252 or my home (620)837-4135 or 911. I will come out to check for leaks  and there is no charge for this service. We can also check for carbon monoxide leaks at that time.

Merlyn Johnson

Gas System Superintendent



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Getting To Know Your Bill


Water:             $20 Flat Minimum rate plus $.0115 per unit

Gas:                 $15 Minimum plus

Trash:              $15 per Trash Can, Recycle bins are provided free of charge

Sewer:             $26 flat rate

Special:           $4 flat rate, Storm Water Drain Fund